One of the co-hosts of As We Like It, Aven is a Classicist who's no good at sticking to her discipline. She lives in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada with Mark and their two kids and a cat, and has never actually met Jon in real life. She has a PhD in Classics from the University of Toronto and teaches at Thorneloe University at Laurentian, specializing in Latin poetry, especially the less respectable stuff. When not working or parenting, she (theoretically) enjoys cooking ancient & medieval meals, knitting, gardening, preserving, and cocktails -- but when (as often) she can't manage time for all of that, she'll settle for just the cocktails.

Aven also co-hosts The Endless Knot Podcast with Mark, in which they talk etymology, Classics, medieval history, pop culture, and anything else that connects to their interests, usually while drinking cocktails. And she also helps Mark produce the Endless Knot videos, exploring the etymology and history of individual words.