One-third of both Talking Tolkien and As We Like It, Jonathan is a big nerd who lives in New York City. He has a Masters degree in Art History and Archaeology from New York Univerity's Institute of Fine Arts and is known for bursting out randomly in excited glee about his passions of Architecture, movies, language, and Opera. He's a huge random trivia nerd and boardgamer, so if you ever wanna play some trivia-based board game, he's your guy.

A native of Fayetteville, Arkansas, Jonathan has a huge passion for travel and has visited several countries in Europe as part of his academic career, living in Italy and Turkey while conducting research on the Architectural heritage of Ancient Rome. He now spends his days working at a certain website company famous for its podcast ads, and his nights in the divey gay bars of the West and East Villages.

You can contact Jonathan through any of the usual ways: