One of the co-hosts of As We Like It, Mark is an interdisciplinarian, medievalist, Anglo-Saxonist, (cognitive) philologist, academic, and philosophical layabout. He lives in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada with Aven and their two kids and a cat, several guitars, and lots of books. He has a PhD in Medieval Studies from the University of Toronto and teaches in the English department at Laurentian University. He spends most of his time these days working on the Endless Knot videos, exploring the etymology and history of individual words, which means reading a lot of obscure dictionaries and looking for strange creative commons images. Oh, and mixing tiki drinks and wearing Aloha shirts, when the brief northern summers allow.

Mark also co-hosts The Endless Knot Podcast with Aven, in which they talk etymology, Classics, medieval history, pop culture, and anything else that connects to their interests, usually while drinking cocktails.