The Razor's Edge Part 1

This week Katie, Sky and Lauren begin reading a new novel, The Razor's Edge by W. Somerset Maugham. Published in 1944, it tells the story of a young man who returns from World War I and turns away from society life on a spiritual quest. Discussion topics include: what it means to be a "snob," a Brit's delighted amusement about ice cream sodas, and the Summer of Shandy. 

The Handmaid's Tale Part 6

Katie, Sky and Lauren wrap up discussion of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, Section XIV "Salvaging," Section XV, "Night," and "Historical Notes." Discussion Topics: Why don't we learn Offred's real name? Who will Lars the Swede cast as Sucky Janine? And how long will cassette tapes keep in a footlocker sealed with packing tape?

The Handmaid's Tale Part 4

Section IX "Night," Section X "Soul Scrolls," and Section XI, "Night." Large machines print an endless cycle of identical prayers reading them aloud to no one.... In this weeks episode of Interlibrary Loan, Katie kind of sounds like a robot too! But she, Sky and Lauren press on and ask: What has Luke lost? Could a Commander love his wife? And why does Offred want lotion in the summer? 

The Handmaid's Tale Part 1

We start our funniest book yet! Ok just kidding, it's not very funny. In fact it's quite grim. But there's a lot of nice bright red! Tulips, dresses, the blood from the mouth of a hanged man.... like we said, grim. But join us, won't you? Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale becons, like stones in the desert.

Cloud Atlas Part 11: The Pacific Journal of Adam Ewing

This week, we have come full circle. We’ve finished David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. Will Adam Ewing survive what's ailing him? Do ants get headaches? And what can you do when you're just one drop in the ocean? Join us and find out.

Cloud Atlas Part 10: Letters From Zedelghem

We've almost completed the circle! Join Jon, Katie and Sky as we pop in on Robert Frobisher, composer extraordinaire, and his struggles with the Ayers and Van de Velde families. Plus, the Return of the Musical Policeman! The penultimate chapter of David Mitchell's Cloud Atlas, this time on Interlibrary Loan.

Cloud Atlas Part 9: Half Lives: The First Luisa Rey Mystery

After a couple weeks hiatus, Jon, Katie and Sky are back to discuss the thrilling conclusion to Half Lives: The First Luisa Rey Mystery. Is Luisa doomed to a watery grave? Why do old scientists keep falling in love with her? And what's the deal with Joe Napier? Find out on this week's episode of Interlibrary Loan!

Cloud Atlas Part 8: The Ghastly Ordeal of Timothy Cavendish

Katie and Sky have a rollicking good time discussing the thrilling conclusion of a certain Ghastly Ordeal of one Timothy Cavendish. Have a great time with all your favorites: Timbo, Lars, Johns Hotchkiss, Georgette, and Mr. Meeks. Is this worth seeing before you're executed at the Lighthouse? Listen in and find out!

Cloud Atlas Part 7: An Orison Of Sonmi-451

This week Jon, Katie and Sky begin to work back through the previous narratives of Cloud Atlas, beginning with the conclusion of Sonmi-451’s story. Who really is Hae-Joo Im, and what really happens to twelve-starred fabricants? Join us and find out.

Cloud Atlas Part 5: An Orison of Sonmi-451

Jon, Katie, and Sky explore a dark future in the fifth section of Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Do genetically engineered clones hear Ayers' dream music? What does soap taste like? Join us as we read of a people who worship Ronald McDonald.