The Two Towers Part 10: Concerning Long Distance Communications

Pippin's curiosity is keeping him awake as the fellowship rest on their journey back to Helm's Deep. He learns very quickly why it is not always a good idea to seek out trouble. Jonathan, Katie and Chase dive into the Palantír on this week's new episode covering the final chapter of Book 4 of the Lord of the Rings. 

Also, on this week's episode we detail our plans for Tolkien Reading Day, which will be taking place on March 25th, 2016. We will be reading some of our favorite passages from Tolkien's work along with selections from our wonderful audience on our episode that will be posted on March 24th (March 21st for premium Patreon supporters). If you would like to submit a favorite passage from Tolkien's work, please email it to before 3pm on Sunday, March 20th.  

For more info on International Tolkien Reading Day check out the Tolkien Society's page on it.  

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