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The Silmarillion Part 15: Of the Tying Up of the Loose Ends

Jonathan Cox, Katie Sabo, and Chase Smith have finally reached the end of the Silmarillion proper with Chapter 24. For all intents and purposes they are now done with the Silmarillion and spend their time tying up all the loose ends of the book. Over the next two week, they will be reading the final epilogues of the Silmarillion and hope to start Tolkien's The Hobbit within the next month.

The Silmarillion Part 13: Of the Children of Húrin

This week's episode of Talking Tolkien is the longest one yet. We read chapter 21 of the Silmarillion and talked about Turin and his many names along with his brain washed sister. What follows was hour and change discussion about name changing in Tolkien's work and the Middle-Earth equivalent of the Hall's Angels. Enjoy.

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The Silmarillion Part 9: Of Maeglin

This week on Talking Tolkien, people feast after a glorious battle, then they feast some more. Also a woman gets lost in the woods and is seduced by a creepy elf. That weirdness and more on this week's episode of Talking Tolkien with Tolkien experts Katie Sabo and Jon Cox and newbie Chase Smith.

The Silmarillion Part 8: Of the Return of the Noldor

Epic battles! Dragons! Geography! The Silmarillion just got much more exciting on this week's episode of Talking Tolkien with Tolkien Experts Jon Cox and Katie Sabo, and newbie Chase Smith. Things are heating up as we dive into page after page of riveting geography descriptions. Enjoy!